Toodles Noodles // Weekly Roundup Jan11

Well, we did it everyone – a big high five for surviving the first week back to work after the holidays!  I’m not sure about you, but man was that challenging….email correspondance slow with some people still being away, work slowly trickling, the weather teasing – but we did it! And for those of you still not back yet, well we’ll just call you lucky ducks.

This Sunday, I’m having a birthday – a biggy actually! No big plans have been made for the weekend. My partner and I are going to dinner on Saturday night but apart from that I look forward to sunshine, coffee, wine, and relaxation. With that in mind – I came up with this week’s roundup! I hope you do enjoy and have a fantastic weekend as well. x

  1. Lovely Baby’s Breath typeface formed with Gypsophila/Baby’s Breath. The meaning of Gypsophila is to miss, to adore, and to give. Gypsophila often serves a supporting role, but its existence is significant.
  2. I sure wouldn’t mind spending most of my birthday weekend under this marvelous tree!
  3. Loving this coffee branding by Alex Westgate for the Coffee Shop.
  4. Yup, this cute kitty has the right idea!
  5. Crumble has always had a soft spot in my heart – rhubarb mulberry crumble you say? Now that sounds like a must!
  6. Thinking this lovely banner needs to hang in my office…
  7. And what’s a birthday without balloons!?

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and good luck easing back into work life! x


6 Responses to “Weekly Roundup 11 January”
  1. such a beautiful collection! i really love that banner hanger + the coffee looks yummy :) Happy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! had I known that your b-day was coming up, i would’ve gotten your Dude…I Love You pin out to you sooner ;) Enjoy it all!!

  2. Colleen Pugh says:

    Happy Birthday for Sunday. I hope the birthday fairy is reading this list:)

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo

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